Non-destructive Testing Laboratory

The Laboratory offers:

  • VT visual tests in the sector; (w), (wp), (t)
  • PT penetration tests in the sector; (c), (f), (w), (wp), (t)
  • MT Magnetic-powder tests in the sector: (c), (f), (w), (wp), (t)
  • UT Ultrasonic tests in the sector; (c), (f), (w), (wp), (t).
  • RT radiographic tests in the sector; (C), (f), (w) (wp) (t).


HSW conducts tests (magnetisation method) for potential surface and subsurface defects;
Depth of test: up to 2 [mm];
Max. Dimensions of the tested part: Ø 400 [mm],
L 9000 [mm] - defectoscopy, degaussing (bars, tubes)

Research personnel have competence in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9712 Norm, Level 2 and 3