Janusz Hamryszczak is a doctor of economics, a graduate of economic studies at the Catholic University of Lublin and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. In addition, he graduated from the Faculty of Management and Marketing at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and postgraduate studies in pedagogy as well as mathematics at the University of Rzeszów. Participant of many specialist courses, including accounting, controlling, finance and banking, management, labor law, public finance, financial management of public finance sector units, health care system units, investments and brokerage course, computer network administrator.

Since 1998, he has been continuously professionally connected with science and the academic community, among others, with the University of Rzeszów.

He is currently a lecturer at the Institute of International Relations of the East-European State College in Przemyśl. Author of many articles in the field of finance, accounting, financial management in public finance sector units, as well as  local conditions for economic development.

He started his professional career in 1993 at Bank Pekao S.A. in Przemyśl, where from 1999 he was the chief accountant. He was the Financial Director and Chief Accountant of the Provincial Hospital in Przemyśl, and then its Chief Executive Officer.

From January 1, 2015, he was the Vice President of Przemyśl. He was a councilor of the City Council in Przemyśl of the 6th term and the 7th term during which he was elected as the Deputy Mayor of the City of Przemyśl responsible for the departments of investment, obtaining external funds, local economy, construction and environmental protection.

Supervisory Board of Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. after conducting the qualification procedure, has appointed Janusz Hamryszczak on February 27, 2019, as a Member of the Management Board, Financial Director for the joint 10th term of the Management Board.