In the 21st century, Huta Stalowa Wola is a fully professional armaments factory, equipped with the latest technologies, extensive R & D facilities and machinery park, which can compete with many foreign armaments concern. Today, Huta Stalowa Wola provides the Polish Armed Forces with the most modern artillery solutions, but also develops innovative technologies in the field of armored and mechanized troops.
In recent years, the change in the security situation in our region has had a major impact on the quality and quantity changes of the Program of Technical Modernization of the Polish Armed Forces for 2017-2026, which is implemented by the Ministry of National Defense. This program has put emphasis on the development of some capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces, modernization of rocket and artillery troops, and modernization of armored and mechanized troops. Huta Stalowa Wola is an industrial leader in several major modernization programs.
The growing demands of armored troops and artillery have become an impulse for the implementation of a rapid pace of research and development and implementation works on vehicles and weapons that will meet the requirements and challenges of the modern battlefield. HSW S.A. currently implements a wide range of solutions, including:
As part of artillery programs:
- "REGINA" program - serial delivery to the Polish Armed Forces division fire modules of 155 mm self-propelled howitzers based on the "KRAB" howitzer with command and logistics vehicles;
- "RAK" program - a serial delivery to the Polish Armed Forces division fire modules of 120 mm self-propelled mortars based on fully autonomous and automatic M120K mortars with command and logistic vehicles;
- "KRYL" program - development work on 155 mm light self-propelled howitzer on a wheeled chassis;
- "LANGUSTA-2" program - own proposal for further modernization of the BM-21 / WR-40 / RM-70 with full automation of fire settings and automatic setting of the artillery part on target.
As part of programs for armored and mechanized troops:
- "BORSUK" Program - development work on the new amphibious infantry fighting vehicle, taking into account the latest technological achievements and involving a wide range of domestic companies;
- "ZSSW-30" program - development work on a remote controlled tower system with Bushmaster 30 mm cannon, integrated with PPK SPIKE and adapted for use at KTO ROSOMAK and in the NBPWP "BORSUK" program.
As part of the program for engineering troops:
- "BAOBAB" program - development work on a new erratic minelaying vehicle on a wheeled chassis with a fully automated minelaying process;
As part of the air and missile defense program:
- "WISŁA" program - the production and assembly of PATRIOT missile launchers