Agreement for the supply of components for four Artillery Battalion Units of 155 mm Self – Propelled Howitzers “REGINA”.

On the 14th of December 2016, HSW S.A. Board of Directors together with MOD Armaments Inspectorate signed the Agreement for the supply of components for four Artillery Battalion Units of 155 mm Self – Propelled Howitzers “REGINA”. The value of the concract exceeds 4.5 billion złotych and is one of the largest contracts in the Polish military industry. The agreement has an enormous importance for the HSW S.A. as it guarantees the company’s development in the following years, and is the culmination of a several years lasting process of developing of KRAB – which is currently the world's most modern self-propelled 155-mm howitzer, and other REGINA battalion vehicles. The Agreement has been signed in the presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mrs Beata Szydło, and the Minister of National Defence, Mr Antoni Macierewicz.

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