HSW S.A. at the Land Forces Day

On 11th and 12th September 2015, official celebrations of the Land Forces Day took place in Rzeszów. Parade and military appeals were accompanied by equipment exhibition, during which HSW S.A. presented its new 155 mm gun-howitzer "Krab" on new hydro-pneumatic suspension, with "power-pack" type drivetrain and 1000hp engine, 155 mm gun-howitzer "Kryl" on innovative 6x6 chassis from Jelcz, 120 mm self-propelled mortar "Rak" on wheeled as well as tracked chassis, and rocket launcher "Langusta II" on Jelcz 8x8 chassis.

The Land Forces Day has been celebrated on 12 September since 1996. This day commemorates the battle of Vienna in 1683. Soldiers from the 6th Airborne Brigade, 25th Air Cavalry Brigade, 11th Armoured Cavalry Division, 2nd and 16th Mechanized Division, 21st Highland Rifle Brigade, as well as standard bearers of all military units of the Land Forces took part in the parade in Rzeszów.

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