HSW S.A. at the jubilee, 20th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO. 

3 - 6 September 2012, Kielce. 

HSW S.A. and its’ business partners exposition occupies the whole area of the exhibition hall.

During the XX MSPO (International Defence Industry Exhibition) two complete fire units were shown:  all vehicles of the REGINA battalion military unit (155 mm self-propelled howitzer KRAB together with dedicated command, supply and repair vehicles ) and RAK company military unit  (120 mm self-propelled mortars RAK with dedicated command, supply and repair vehicles  - all in two versions, wheeled and tracked). 

In addition to the a.m. military units, on the stands visitors could see rocket launcher Langusta II - fully automated (including loading missiles), with the necessary crew limited to only two soldiers. Another interesting product to bee seen was the 120 mm mortar tower stabilized in two planes, adapted for installation both on naval and/or land platforms. 

For the first time the full range of HSW products was presented: vehicles  for artillery, products for engineer troops (mine layers BAOBAB and KROTON, Backhoe-Loader, Loader-Dozer), for mechanized forces (light floating tracked chassis), and finally canons: 35 mm, 100 mm, 122 mm, 155 mm.

This year's edition of the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO has brought following awards for HSW S.A.:

* Medal  of Kielce Trade Fairs for for holding a collective trade fair presentation.

* Special Prize of Minister of National Defence for Artillery battalion of 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzers REGINA

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