Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Huta Stalowa Wola.

May 2013 marks the 75th Anniversary of the first supply of guns manufactured in Huta Stalowa Wola – back in the 1938 HSW was a brand new plant built within the Centralny Okręg Przemysłowy plan (Central Industrial Region). 

There was a time when HSW grew to the size of the industrial conglomerate employing nearly 30,000 employees , subsequently multi-stage and multi-level restructuring works had to be undertaken. Today ,after 75 years,  HSW returns to its roots and is the most modern munitions factory in Poland.

Jubilee was began by a meeting with a group of retired HSW employees. “We wanted to measure up with these people’s image of the role of our company” said Krzysztof Trofiniak, President of HSW. In addition, at the end of a great picnic a bicycle tour  through Stalowa Wola city streets (“ Critical Mass') was organized: self-propelled mortar RAK on a wheeled chassis and scattered mine laying platform BAOBAB were accompanied by bicycle riders. At the square at the Municipal Cultural Center city residents could also take a close look at a few of other  HSW products: self-propelled mortar RAK on a tracked chassis and a rocket launcher LANGUSTA II among them. There  was also a city game involving the search of hidden HSW product.  Modeling competitions found its finale. Children could build future combat vehicles with blocks. Good weather and numerous attractions attracted several thousand Stalowa Wola and region residents to the HSW picnic. It was joined with open-air concerts, organized within the “Days of Stalowa Wola” holidays.

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