In connection with the unreliable and unauthorized information appearing in the media regarding Mr. Mirosław Surowaniec taking over the function of the president of Autosan Sp. z o.o., we inform you that Mr Mirosław Surowaniec, acting as a member of the Supervisory Board of Autosan Sp. z o.o. on December 20, 2018, was temporarily delegated on behalf of the Board to take up the function of the President of the Company pending the outcome of the competition for the President of the Management Board of Autosan Sp. z o.o., which took place on December 28, 2018. From January 2, 2019 in connection with the settlement of the competition and appointment to the position of the President of the Management Board of Autosan Sp. z o.o. Mr. Eugeniusz Szymonik, Mr. Mirosław Surowaniec temporarily took over the duties of the Member of the Management Board of the Company. The time at which the secondment ends has been set as January 31, 2019. During the whole period of posting, Mr. Mirosław Surowaniec remains an employee and proxy of Huta Stalowa Wola S.A.

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