The robotization of Krab’s towers and bodies welding technology has started at HSW S.A.

Huta Stalowa Wola has started to implement the most modern technologies currently available in the world of automatic welding of bodies and chassis for combat vehicles. The company has started the assembly of advanced automation lines producing the highest quality industrial production. It puts HSW at the forefront of manufacturers of armored vehicles in the scope of the implementation capabilities of this type of construction for the Polish army.

Implementation of a universal robotic station for welding tower systems for Krab, Rak, ZSSW, as well as chassis systems, among others, M120G, WD, BWP, will allow to obtain the maximum quality and repeatability and to increase the efficiency of the welding work. All armored plate assemblies were previously welded using the traditional method (manually) using modern welding equipment. The use of an intelligent system in robotic welding applications will guarantee the improvement of quality standards, and ensure the maintenance of high quality products. It will also affect the timely implementation of programs implemented as part of the technical modernization process of the Polish Armed Forces. The company's management counts on the fact that the new investment will increase the potential export opportunities and will develop the company.

The technological line is an investment project that builds the competitive advantage of HSW. Producers who are unable to meet the quality expectations of customers are systematically disappearing from the market. One of the most effective and increasingly popular ways to improve the quality of processes is their automation. Such a modern approach to production guarantees improvement of the quality standards as well as the resulting tangible benefits.

We are entering a new era - says Bernard Cichocki, President of the Management Board of HSW SA - we know the realities of tougher competition on the domestic and foreign market, which is why HSW must put a lot of emphasis on modern technologies to meet the ever-growing requirements of the market. Only such significant changes in the technological background, professional knowledge of employees, experience and the latest solutions can effectively and in the long run build a competitive advantage with domestic and foreign producers of similar products. We consider the use of robotic position as a huge progress, which will be visible against the background of the welding industry in the Polish armaments industry. It will give us an advantage not only as a HSW company, but also to the entire PGZ Capital Group.


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