Huta Stalowa Wola is going to participate in this year's celebration of the Polish Armed Forces

Huta Stalowa Wola is going to participate in this year's celebration of the Polish Armed Forces on August 15th.

There will be an exhibition of HSW S.A.'s products nearby Piłsudski square: minelaying erratic platform 'BAOBAB' and rocket launcher 'LANGUSTA'.

The Polish Armed Forces is a great opportunity for Stalowa Wola citizens to get to know and appreciate the hard everyday service of the Polish Army and HSW S.A. workers' contribution in building the security of our country.

For the Polish Armed Forces we wish all the soldiers and civilian workers good health, optimism, happiness, and all the prosperity in personal and professional life.

We thank you for your effort, trouble, reliability, and scrupulousness in carrying out your duties.

May your service to your homeland bring you daily satisfaction and well-deserved recognition

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